Garrison Practice Group

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Mille LacsLake has¬†wonderful energy. Come enjoy it with us at Awakening Waters (2 miles south of Garrison on Highway 169 on the right hand side at the Smith Lake Road Intersection). We have a practice group that meets from 6-7:15 every Tuesday evening. Come as you are – Everyone is welcome. Even if you’ve never done Qigong before. It’s a great way to learn and to keep your own practice fresh. We spend about 30 minutes doing gentle movements and slowing down the breath which helps to open the energetic pathways in the body. Then, we have a guided healing meditation for about 30 minutes. During the meditation I will send energy and balance each person. $5 donation requested.

Classes are forming Рlook for a Heal yourself with Qigong class, Inner Smile Meditation, Healing Sounds & Balancing 5 Elements coming soon.  For more information go to